Teens Talk Truth is dedicated to helping parents of teens who have mental health issues and substance abuse problems. We talk directly to teens to find out how they feel, the challenges they face, why they use, why they lie and how we can help them without judgement.

Parents underestimate their influence on their kids, even when the “kids” are over 18. Listen to what your children are telling you and be a safe person for them to confide in without fear of judgement. This isn’t carte blanche for teens to do whatever they want, when they want it, but for parents to listen in a neutral way.



Teens Talk Truth has been a misnomer in a way, because what we are trying to do is to get parents to listen to the truth that the teens have to tell. If we learn to ask questions in the …



I belong to a forum for parents of teens with mental illness and it seems like hardly a week goes by that one of the mothers is in the E.R. with their teenage child. Sometimes it’s suicidal intentions and cutting, …


Welcome to the new look of Teens Talk Truth.  Our web designer, Nelson Romero has been terrific in making this site reflect where TTT is in 2014 (http://www.NelsonRomero.com). As we begin the shift to an international presence for TTT in …


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