Are You a Judgmental Parent?

Why do kids feel reluctant to confide in adults? Are we ready to slam them down? Judge them? Hurt them? Disrespect them? Show disappointment? There are many reasons why children (of all ages) lie or omit the truth in talking to us. What we can work on as parents is the aim to stay neutral and not freak out when we are hearing the worst thing we thing we can hear: “I’m pregnant”, “I’m in jail”, “I’m too drunk, high, stoned to come home”,

“I’m a thief”…whatever it is, we must hold our own emotional center in order to be there as a parent. It’s not easy! Believe me, I’ve been on the receiving end of many of the above quotes and none of them is any fun.
Part of what we will explore on this website and in our programs is the need to stay calm and non-judgmental when our kids are in crisis.

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